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A thematic portal to Climate change with links to substantive work and information resources regarding climate change.

UNEP has worked on capacity building and awareness related to the CDM since it was originally defined in the Kyoto Protocol.


This site was last updated in June 2012
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The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) proposed under article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol is an important potential instrument to promote foreign investment in GHG emission reduction options while simultaneously addressing the issue of sustainable development.

With the international framework for the CDM presently under development, many complex legal, financial and technical issues still require further discussion. Under these circumstances, most developing countries with limited institutional capacity will face a significant challenge in taking a pro-active approach to participate as equal and reliable partners in CDM when it becomes operational.

Reflecting the needs of developing countries, UNEP implemented a 4-year project on Capacity Development for the CDM with funding from the government of the Netherlands.


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This site was last updated in June 2012.

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