Workshop Agenda

DAY 1, 26 May 2003

Workshop overview, by Mr. Tin Ponlok, Project Coordinator

Introduction to CD4CDM project, by Dr. Myung-Kyoon Lee, uneprisoe

Basic climate change science, human response and the UNFCCC, by Mr. Chea Chanthou, NTC member

The Kyoto Protocol and the CDM: concepts, project types and project baselines, by Ms. Bridget McIntosh Climate Change/Energy Specialist, MoE

CDM project cycle and major players in CDM projects, by Prof. Ram Shrestha, AIT

CDM National Authority: an example, by Mr. Sum Thy, Project Assistant

Renewable energy: a case study on rice husk cogeneration plan, opportunities in Cambodia, by Ms. Mila Jude, COGEN Country Co-ordinator

Energy efficiency, transport and renewable energy: considerations, case studies and opportunities in Cambodia, by Mr. Andrew Williamson, Energy Advisor, MIME

Forestry: an international case study, opportunities in Cambodia, by Dr. Thanak De Lopez, PREGA Team Leader

DAY 2, 27 May 2003
Cambodia’s CD4CDM project phase 1: background and status, by Mr. Tin Ponlok
Cambodia’s CD4CDM project phase 2: objectives, by Mr. Tin Ponlok
Proposed workplan for Cambodia’s CD4CDm project phase 2, 2003-2005, by Mr. Sum Thy
Working group discussion
Presentation of the results of working group discussion
Closing session