Regional Workshop on

Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism

Phuket, Thailand

16-18 January 2003


Organized by

Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment, Denmark


Workshop Report

Appendices (zip file)


1.         Objectives       


To establish cross-country links between the project implementation in the three Asian countries by: (a) understanding the commonalities on approaching CDM issues; (b) identifying shared needs on technical assistance and support; and (3) sharing training activities, methods and materials to be developed in the project context.


The main objective is to assist the finalization of national work plans by sharing information and experiences and developing more concrete ideas. The work plan should specify each activity to be undertaken along with a generic work plan of the whole project and should also specify the timeframe and actor of each activity.


Participants will arrive on January 15, 2003



2.         Agenda (Tentative)


Day 1: Thursday January 16, 2003


8:50-9:00 hrs                 Registration


Session 1: Introduction and Latest Development


9:00-9:20 hrs                 Objective of Regional Workshop, Introductions and Welcome Remarks (by Prof Ram M. Shrestha)


9:20-10.00 hrs               Briefing on latest developments influencing the project: COP8, Regional Centres workshop in Copenhagen (17-18 October 2002), project side-event in New Delhi and coordination with other capacity building projects such as PREGA and NSS (by Dr. Lee)


10:00-10:15 hrs             Tea Break



Session 2: Status of the Project Implementation


10.15 -11:00 hrs            Presentation on status of the project implementation in Cambodia

(Dr. Tin Ponlok, Cambodia)


11:00 – 11.45 hrs          Presentation on status of the project implementation in Philippines

(Dr. Roberto C. Yap, Philippines)


11:45  -12:30 hrs           Presentation on status of the project implementation in Viet Nam

(Mr. Nguyen Khac Hieu, Vietnam)


            Open forum and discussion


12.30-14.00 hrs             Lunch Break



Session 3: National Work Plans


14.00 -17.00 hrs            Overview of the national workshop


14.00 –15:00 hrs            Vietnam National Work Plan -by Dr. Nguyen Tien Nguyen (Presentation and Discussion)


15:00 –16:00 hrs            Philippine National Work Plan -by Philippines (Presentation and Discussion)         


16:00 –16:15 hrs            Tea Break


16:15-16:45 hrs              Cambodia National Work Plan -by Cambodia


16:45-17:00 hrs              Open Forum and Discussion on National Work Plan

19:00-20:00 hrs              Cocktail Reception        


20:00-21:00 hrs              Dinner



Day 2: Friday January 17, 2003


Session 4: National Work Plans (Cont’d)


8:30 – 9:30 hrs                Open forum and discussion (About National Work plan


9:30 –10:30 hrs                Recommendations on revisions of Work Plans


10:30-10:10:45 hrs           Tea Break



Session 5: Common Activities/Requirements and Crosscutting Issues


10:45-12:30 hrs          Identification of potential common activities and crosscutting issues-open forum and discussion


            Recommendations/action plans to address these issues


12:30 –14:00 hrs            Lunch Break


14:00-15:30 hrs             Identification of common requirements on training and external support- discussion


                                    Recommendations/action plans to address these issues

15:00-15:15 hrs             Tea Break

15:15-17:00 hrs             Identification of guidelines and training material to be developed-discussion


19:30-20:30 hrs             Dinner


Day 3: Saturday January 18, 2003



Session 6: Identification and Scheduling of Potential Events



8:30-9:30 hrs                 uneprisoe / AIT support to national institutes (By Dr Lee)


9:30-12:30 hrs             Discussion on future national/regional events to be undertaken under the project to:


12:30-14:00 hrs             Lunch and closing