CD4CDM-Philippines Training Workshops

Project Design Document :
CDM, the Project Cycle and the Project Design Document (PDD); Elements of the Project Design Document (PDD); Exercises in writing a PDD.

Emissions Reduction Calculation :
CDM, the Project Cycle and calculating emission reduction; Methods and tools of calculating emission reduction of different technologies; Example of emission reduction calculations; Exercises in calculating emission reductions.

Baselines & Monitoring :
CDM, the Project Cycle and drawing baselines and formulating monitoring plans; Methods of determining baselines; Methods of formulating monitoring plans; Example of baselines and monitoring plans; Exercises in drawing baselines and formulating monitoring plans.

Sustainable Development Indicators :
CDM, the Project Cycle and sustainable development indicators; Philippine Agenda 21 and sustainable development indicators; Appropriate sustainable development indicators at the national sectoral, local and project level; Methods and tools to determine sustainable development indicators: Example of project-specific Philippine sustainable development indicators; Exercises in identifying project-specific sustainable development indicators.

Financial Mechanisms :
CDM, the Project Cycle and the and financial mechanism; Relevant aspects that must be considered in drawing a CDM financial package; Relevant financial principles; Players involved; Financial risk that must be managed; Models of financial packages; Tools that can be used in drawing up financial mechanism; Examples of innovative financial mechanism; Exercises in developing financial mechanism.

Small Scale Projects :
CDM, the Project Cycle and small-scale projects; Criteria for small-scale projects; Fast-track approval procedures for small-scale projects; Advantages and disadvantages of small-scale projects; Financing small-scale projects; Examples of small-scale projects; Prospect of small-scale projects in the Philippines.