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Equal Exchange: Determining a Fair Price for Carbon

Publication May 2007.

Carbon trading is expanding rapidly, with over 100 million credits from CDM projects sold to date. Market actors, particularly those engaged in CDM, need to be on top of new trends and price dynamics. This publication provides unique insights and in-depth analysis from traders, DNAs, legal advisers, investors, and CDM developers. It promises to become an essential guide for understanding the complex issues in determining equitable prices in CDM deals.

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Contributors include:

  • Pedro Moura Costa and Francisco Ascui, Ecosecurities
  • Veronique Bishop, World Bank Group/IFC
  • Jørund Buen, Elisabeth Lokshall, and Marte Nordseth, Point Carbon
  • Martha Castillo, Andean Development Corporation, Latin American Carbon Program
  • Martijn Wilder and Monique Willis, Baker & Mackenzie
  • Gao Guangsheng and Li Liyan, Chinese DNA for CDM
  • Karen Degouve, NATIXIS/European Carbon Fund
  • Mark Meyrick, EdF Trading
  • John Palmisano, International Environmental Trading Group
  • Alfred Ofosu-Ahenkorah, Energy Commission of Ghana
  • Charlotte Streck, Climate Focus

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