Second Training workshop

Legal, Institutional and Commercial Issues

6 – 7 May 2009
Paramaribo, Suriname



6 May 2009


8.30 – 8.30 Registration  
8.30 – 8.45 Welcome and opening NIMOS
Minister ATM

8.45 – 9.15

CDM summary
Institutional framework, opportunities for Suriname, processes and procedures, carbon trade
Adriaan Korthuis, Climate Focus
9.15 – 10.15 Carbon finance and markets
  Primary and secondary markets
  Compliance and voluntary markets
  Roles of market participants
  Market developments
  Selling strategies
Adriaan Korthuis, Climate Focus
10.45– 11.30 Legal and institutional issues in the CDM
  Legal nature of carbon credits
  CDM approval process
  Role of DNAs (Revenue sharing and levies)
  Transfers of CERs, ITL, CITL
Heleen Koster, Nauta Dutilh
11.30 – 12.15 Structuring of CDM projects
  Ownership of credits
  Counterparty and risk assessment
  Overview of contractual structures
Thiago Chiagas, Climate Focus
13.00 – 13.30 Presentation of the CDM approval procedure in Suriname
  organisational framework
  operational approval process
13:30 – 14:15 Negotiating a post-2012 agreement
  Major issues in the climate change debate
  Road map to a post-2012 agreement
  Negotiation dynamics
  What’s in it for Suriname?
Glenn Hodes,
UNEP Risoe Centre
14.15 – 14.40 State of the Carbon Market
  State of the carbon market in South America
  Participation in Carbon Expo of Suriname
Farzia Hausil



7 May 2009


8.30 – 8.30 Registration  
8.30 – 9.00 Feedback day 1 Adriaan Korthuis, Climate Focus
9.00 – 9.45 Contracting structures
  Contracting structures
  Forward and spot transactions

  CER pricing

Adriaan Korthuis, Climate Focus
9.45 – 10.30 Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements
  Main characteristics
  Conditions precedent
  Sale and purchase
  Delivery and payment
  Default and remedies
  Other important clauses
Heleen Koster, Nauta Dutilh


10.45 – 11. 15 The CERSPA template for carbon contracting Thiago Chiagas Heleen Koster
11.15 – 12.15 Negotiation workshop, part 1  
13.15 – 14.00 Negotiation workshop, part 2  
14.00 – 14.45 Forest carbon: possibilities and impossibilities
  Project types;
  Issues in forest carbon;
  Possibilities in the CDM;
  Possibilities in the voluntary markets;
  Future possibilities.
Adriaan Korthuis, Climate Focus


14.45 – 15.00 Evaluation and follow-up Farzia Hausil