Third National Workshop on PDD Preparation for the Development of CDM Projects

Cairo, 14-15 June 2004

Workshop organized by
Tabbin Institute for Metallurgical Studies (TIMS)
Ministry of State of Environmental Affairs (MSEA)
Energy & Environment Research Center (E2RC)
The Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)

With the assistance of
APEX (Tunisia)
Regional Centre for North Africa and the Middle-East

Project funded by The Netherlands


Monday 14 June 2004
9h00 Registration
9h30 Welcome Speeches (1) – ( APEX Director)
10h00 The CDM in Egypt – Progress of the work - Dr. M. K. Elewa (Coordinator)
10h20 Introduction to the workshop (2) – Dr. Samir Amous (APEX)
10h35 Presentation of the participants
Session 1: PDD Preparation for CDM
Chairman: Dr. M. El-Shahawy (EEAA) – Rapporteur: Mr. Samir Tantawy (EEAA)
11h15 Operationalising CDM Projects (3) – Dr. Samir Amous (APEX)
11h35 Major CDM Project preparation issues: Baseline determination, Additionality, Project Boundaries (4) – Dr. Samir Amous (APEX)
11h55 PDD Preparation process and format (5) – Dr. Amr Osama (Consultant)
12h15 Discussions
Session 2: PDD Preparation Process and Format
Chairman: Dr. Essam Khalifa (NFMC) – Rapporteur: Dr. Yosry Barakat (TIMS)
13h00 A. General description of Project Activity (6), Dr. Samir Amous (APEX)
13h15 B. Baseline Methodology (7), Eng. Maher Aziz (MOE)
13h35 C. Duration of the Project Activity / Crediting Period (8), Dr. Samir Amous (APEX)
13h50 Discussions
14h00 D. Monitoring methodology and plan, E. Calculations of GHG emissions by sources (9) – Dr. Samir Amous (APEX)
14h30 Discussions
14h40 F. Environmental impacts, G. Stakeholder comments (10) – Dr. Bahaa Mansour (TIMS)
14h55 Annexes to the PDD (11) – Dr. Samir Amous (Apex)
15h15 Discussions
Tuesday 15 June 2004
Session 3: Case Studies on PDD Preparation
Chairman: Dr. Attia Saad El-Din (TIMS) – Rapporteur: Dr. M. K. Elewa (TIMS)
09h00 Case study on PDD preparation of wind power projects (the case of Zaafarana wind power project) (12) – Eng. Rafik Georgy (NREA)
09H30 Case study on PDD preparation of Landfill projects (the case of Vega Bahia Landfill Project) (13) – Dr. Amr Osama (Nexant)
10h00 Case study on PDD preparation of Cogeneration projects (Biomass cogιnιration project in Brazil) (14) – Dr. Samir Amous (Apex)
10h30 Discussions
11h15 Case study on PDD preparation of methane gas capture and electricity production at waste water treatment plant, Chisinau – Moldova) – Eng. Maher Aziz (MOE)
11h45 Case study on PDD preparation of Natural Gas Based Cogeneration in Egypt (15) -
Eng. Ihab Elmassry (Consultant)
12h15 Discussions
Session 4: Group Applications on the Development of PDD for Projects
Supervisions: Dr. Samir Amous, Dr. Attia Saad El-Din, & Dr. M. K. Elewa
13h00 Group 1: work on the development of a PDD for a Landfill project in Egypt -
(Dr. Amr Osama & Dr. Yosry Barakat)
Group 2: work on the development of a PDD for cogeneration project in Egypt -
(Eng. Ihab Elmassry & Dr. Bahaa Mansour)
Group 3: work on the development of a PDD for wind power project in Egypt –
(Eng. Rafik Georgy & Eng. Afaf Mechael)
14h20 Presentation of the Group results
14h50 Next steps for the PDD preparation in Egypt – Dr. Attia Saad El-Din (TIMS)
15H05 Coming milestones for the CDM in the NA&ME region – Dr. Samir Amous (Apex)
15h20 Final Discussions