22-24 SEPTEMBER 2004

The First Carbon Exhibition in North Africa and Middle East

Venue: Isle of Djerba (Tunisia)

  • Public and Private Decision makers and Project Developers from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, etc.
  • Multilateral and Bilateral Cooperation and Financial Institutions
  • Public and Private CDM Investors, including Carbon Traders.
Overall Objectives:
  • Provide for a Carbon Market to emerge in North Africa and Middle East
  • Present CDM Market Potentialities in North Africa and Middle East
  • Describe the progress achieved by host countries in the region in implementing the appropriate CDM framework
    Present Project Proposals (PDDs and PINs)
  • Establish business opportunities between CDM host countries in the region and CDM investors

List of Participants


22 September 2004
9:00 Welcome session
  • Welcome words from the Organisers - Mr Samir Amous (APEX-Conseil) (00)
  • Welcome words from the Organisers - Mr Sami Kamel (UNEP-RISO Centre) (01)
  • Welcome words from the host country Officials – Mr Noureddine Ben Aïssa (Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources – CC and CDM Focal Point)
  • Welcome words from the host country Officials – Mr Ezzedine Khalfallah (General Director, National Energy Conservation Agency)
President : Mr. Ezzedine Khalfallah – Rapporteur : Ms. Leila Bouzekri
10:30 Introductory session
11:30 Country Presentations. Each Country Presentation will include the following Items:
  • The CDM Framework in the country (Institutional, Regulatory, Financial, existing capacities, etc.)
  • The GHG Mitigation Potential
  • The CDM Project Portfolio
  • Presentation of 2 Full-size projects and of 2 Small-Scale projects
  • Discussions
11:30 EGYPT
Dr Mohamed El Shahawi (6) – Eng. Maher Aziz (7) – Dr Amr Ossama (8)
President : Ms. Nadia Bechraoui - Rapporteur : Rachid Ech-Chokri
Dr Rachid Eh-Chokri (9) – Dr Ali Agoumi (10) – Eng. M’hammed El Merini (11)
Eng. Noureddine Ben Aïssa (12) – Dr Najib Osman (13) – Dr Rafik Missaoui (14)
16:30 SYRIA
Mr Khaled Klaly (15) – Eng. Samir Hamza
23 September 2004
President : Dr Mohamed Gamel El-Din Khalifa – Rapporteur : Amel Bida
Mr Sid Ali Ramadane (16) – Dr Menouer Bougheddaoui
Ms. Matilda El-Khouri (17)
SESSION 2 : Presentation of CDM initiatives by CDM Investors
President : Dr Ali Agoumi – Rapporteur : Samir Tantawi
Presentations from Multilateral/Bilateral CDM Funding Agencies and Public/Private CDM investors (30 minutes each, including discussions).
Example of issues to be addressed : Current CDM activities, Technology/geographic/other priorities CDM projects, Special priorities for the Middle East/North Africa region, long-term objectives in the CDM area, how can countries in the region benefit from the CDM programme, etc.
11:00 The German CDM Program - KfW Carbon Fund - Rainer Suennen (18)
11:30 The Italian CDM Program –The Italian Carbon Fund - Claudia Groce (19)
12:00 The Japanese CDM Program – Japan Carbon Fund (JCF) from Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) - Mr. Yusuke ITO (20)
14:00 CDM activity in the United Kingdom – Jonathan M Thomas – UK CDM Office (21)
14:30 The E7 CDM Initiative - Klaus Bauman (22)
15:00 The 500 PPM CDM Initiative - Mrs. Felicity Thomas (23)
16:00 Presentation of the SGSCC CDM Initiative - Mr Gareth Philips (24)
16:20 Presentation of the CAMCO CDM Initiative - Mr James Graham (25)
16:40 Presentation of the SWISSECO CDM Initiative - Mr Guillaume Jolivet (26)
24 September 2004
SESSIONS 3 : Country Parallel Sessions
9:00 Parallel country-specific sessions will be held by Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia in separate meeting rooms, where they will make detailed presentations of their CDM projects. The list of the projects to be presented is attached below.
In order for participants to attend all the presentations, the country-session agenda will be fixed in advance as follows:
  • Presentation of Group N°1 – Renewable Energy (9:00 Egypt, 09:45 Morocco, 10:30 Tunisia)
  • Presentation of Group N°2 – Energy Efficiency (9:00 Tunisia, 09:45 Egypt, 10:30 Morocco)
  • Presentation of Group N°3 – Wastes (9:00 Morocco, 09:45 Tunisia, 10:30 Egypt)
  • Presentation of Group N°4 – Land-Use Change and Forestry (11:45 Egypt)
SESSION 4 : Closing Session
President : Dr Joergen Fenhann – Rapporteur : Menouer Bougheddaoui
Panel discussions : Promoting the Carbon Market in the region through implementing CDM projects
12:15 Host country Perspectives – Matilda El-Khouri - Mohamed El Shahawi – Ali Agoumi – Sid Ali Ramadane – Najib Osman – Khaled Klaly
12:45 Public CDM investors Perspectives - Rainer Suennen - Claudia Groce - Jonathan Thomas
13:15 Private CDM investors Perspectives - Klaus Bauman - Felicity Thomas - James graham - Guillaume Jolivet
13:45 Closing Conclusions of the Forum - Sami Kamel, UNEP RISOE (39)
16:00 OPTIONAL - CDM host countries and CDM investors to meet individually
Preliminary List of Projects to be presented


Group 1 : Renewable Energy (RE)
Team : Dr Rafik Georgy and Project Promoters
Group 2 : Energy Efficiency (EE)
Team : Eng. Ihab Elmassry and Project Promoters
Group 3 : Wastes
Team : Dr Amr Osama and Project Promoters
Group 4 : Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)
Team : Dr M. Elshawy and Project Promoters
  • Enhance of Air Quality in Egyptian cities by Afforestation (PIN)
  • Afforestation of a Part of Cairo-Aswan Highway (PIN)
  • Establishment of Forest Plantations and Shelterbelts Around 10th of Ramadan City (PIN)


Group 1 : Renewable Energy Projects
Team : Eng. M’hammed El Mrini and Project Promoters
  • 60 MW Wind Farm of Essaouira (PDD) (31)
  • 10 MW Wind Farm for the Tan Tan desalination plant (PDD)
  • 140 MW wind Farm (Tangiers) (PIN)
  • 10 MW wind Farm (Tétouan) (PIN)
  • 105,000 Photovoltaic kits for rural electrification (PDD)
  • 18 MW Hydro-electric dam project (Tanafnit - El Borj) (PIN)
  • Wind Farm Abdelkhalek TORRES (PIN)
Group 2 : Energy Efficiency
Team : Dr Faouzi Senhaji and Project Promoters
Group 3 : Wastes
Team : Mr Mohamed Belhaj Soulami and Project Promoters
Rehabilitation of the landfill in Akreuch - Energy Generation (PDD) (33)
Rehabilitation of the landfill in Marrakech as a landfill - Energy Generation (PIN)
1.3 MW wastewater-derived power generation unit (Marrakech) (PDD)
Wastewater-derived power generation unit (Fes) (PIN)
Group 1 : Renewable Energy Projects
Team : Eng. Ben Hassine Bey and Project Promoters
Group 2 : Energy Efficiency
Team :Eng. Hakim Zahar/Mounir Bahri and Project Promoters
Group 3 : Wastes
Team : Dr Rafik Missaoui and Project Promoters