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  Activity update 2008
Increasing access to the carbon market
  Overview of UNEP’s CDM Activities
  Overcoming Barriers to Clean Development Mechanism Projects (April 2007)
  Overview of URC's CDM Capacity Development Activities
  Changing Climate, Changing Opportunities: The Kyoto Protocol and the CDM
   video in English, Spanish and French
  Carbon Market Update,
September 2005
  Carbon Market Update,
May 2005
  The Clean Development Mechanism’s Contribution to Sustainable Development - A review of the literature
  Overview of the general conditions and timeframes in the flexible Kyoto mechanisms (updated 03/2005)
  CD4CDM Project fact sheet
  GHG Mitigation in an Integrated East African Power Development - a background paper from CEEST, Tanzania, supported by GTZ, on regional cooperation to reduce GHG emissions

CDM host country institution building - Axel Michaelowa ( Published in: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 8, 2003, p. 201-220 )

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