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Calendar of events
Calendar of events 2003

Date Event Location
8-9 Jan. First National Workshop Rabat, Morocco
9 Jan. First National Workshop Kampala, Uganda
16-18 Jan. Regional Workshop Phuket, Thailand
5 Feb.
First National Workshop Maputo, Mozambique
25-26 Jan. Regional Workshop Tunis, Tunisia
24-25 Feb.
11-12 Mar.
First National Workshop Amman, Jordan
3-4 Mar. Regional Workshop Nairobi, Kenya
26-27 Mar. First National Workshop Phnom Penh, Cambodia
27-28 Mar. CDM in Central America San Salvador, El Salvador
27-28 May First National Workshop Abidjan, Cτte d'Ivoire
9-10 Sep. Latin American Seminar Buenos Aires, Argentina
11 Sep. Second National
Hanoi, Viet Nam
11-12 Sep. Second Regional
Buenos Aires
16-18 Sep. Second Regional Workshop - focus on training national teams Cape Town, South Africa
20-21 Oct. African CDM Training Workshop Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4 Nov. Second National Workshop Phnom Penh, Cambodia
11 Nov.
Third National Workshop La Paz, Bolivia
17-19 Nov. First Regional Workshop
(phase II)
Halong Bay, Viet Nam
17-20 Nov. International Course
on CDM
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
20-21 Dec. Second Regional Workshop (Regulatory and Legal Issues) Tunis, Tunisia

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Middle East & North Africa: +45 4677 5129

Sub-saharan Africa: +45 4677 5129

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