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Calendar of events
Calendar of events 2004

Date Event Location
12-13 Jan. Second National Workshop (Regulatory and
Legal Issues)
Cairo, Egypt
26-27 Jan. Second National Workshop (Baselines) Casablanca, Morocco
5-6 Feb. Training for Project Facilitators and Trainers Maputo, Mozambique
10-12 Feb. Second National Workshop (Carbon Market) Quito, Ecuador
20 Feb. Training Workshop (Financial and investment community) Casablanca, Morocco
3 Mar. Third National Workshop Davao, Philippines
18-19 Mar. Third Regional Workshop (Baselines) Hamamet, Tunisia
24 Mar. Workshop for Project Developers Kampala, Uganda
31 Mar. -
1 Apr.
Third National Workshop (Baselines) Cairo, Egypt
21-22 Apr. Consultative Meeting Maputo, Mozambique
21-22 Apr. Investor Forum
Marrakesh, Morocco
23-24 Apr. Regional DNA Meeting Marrakesh, Morocco
28-29 Apr. Consultative Meeting Kampala, Uganda
13 May Seminar for Civil Society, NGOs and CBOs Kampala, Uganda
16-19 May Project Implementation Framework, Evaluation and Plan Cote d'Ivoire
14-16 Jun.
Fourth National Workshop (PDD Preparation)
Cairo, Egypt
Jun. Fourth National Workhop (Legal Issues) La Paz, Bolivia
2-6 Aug. Training on CDM PINs and PDD development Kampala, Uganda
16-18 Aug. Third Regional Workshop Maputo, Mozambique
19-20 Aug. Third Latin American Workshop Santa Cruz, Bolivia
26 Aug. Third National Workshop Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
27-29 Aug. Fourth Regional
Tunis, Tunisia
22-24 Sep. CDM Investment Forum Jerba, Tunisia
28-29 Sep. Workshop on Electricity Generation Guayaquil, Ecuador
29 Sep. -
1 Oct.
Second Extended Regional Workshop Bangkok, Thailand
Sep. Fifth National Workshop (National Strategy) La Paz, Bolivia
27-29 Oct. CDM Investor Forum Manila,  Philippines
4 Nov. Fourth National Workshop Da Nang, Viet Nam
9-11 Nov. Climate change, Kyoto Protocol and CDM Seminar for Northern region Nampula, Mozambique
10-12 Nov. Climate change, Kyoto Protocol and CDM Seminar for Central region Beira, Mozambique
11-12 Nov. Second National Workshop Guatemala City
Dec. Training Workshop on Small Scale Projects  

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