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CDM background

The purpose of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is to assist developing countries achieve sustainable development, and to assist industrialized countries achieve compliance with their emission targets under the Kyoto Protocol (KP) through the acquisition of certified emission reductions accruing from project activities. Such project activities are expected to mobilize financial and technological resources from the public and private sectors in industrialized countries to promote sustainable development in developing countries, and contribute to the ultimate objective of the UNFCCC.

The 7th meeting of the Conference of Parties to the UN FCCC in November 2001 agreed on a decision (2/CP7) on Capacity building in developing countries. This decision establishes a framework for capacity building and identifies a number of priority areas including specifically CDM and related issues like assessment of mitigation options, institutional capacity building and awareness raising.

The decision also requests multi- and bilateral agencies to take constructive action to support capacity building activities and the current project is in this way a direct response to the decision with clear focus on some identified priority areas.

The CD4CDM project is designed in line with the emphasis in the decision on full utilisation of national and regional institutions and “learning by doing” combined with a large element of experience sharing.

UNEP has worked on capacity building and awareness related to the CDM since it was originally defined in the Kyoto Protocol. Activities have included regional awareness and information programmes in Africa with the group of regional FCCC negotiators and in Asia with the Asian Development bank. A Pilot project on institutional capacity building in 4 African countries with support from the Danish Government has recently been concluded and the experiences form part of the basis for the current project.

In addition UNEP and URC have worked extensively on analytical issues related to implementation of CDM projects like baseline definitions, cost analysis, project screening and possible sustainable development indicators. All of these experiences will provide input to this project and will in addition offer an opportunity to further develop and especially adapt relevant analytical tools.

For more information on the CDM, see for example http://unfccc.int/cdm/ or the various links in this site.

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