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Project background

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) implemented the project “Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism” with financial support from the Dutch Government. The UNEP Risø Centre (URC) was the supporting organisation contracted by UNEP to implement the project.

The project was intended to help to establish GHG emission reduction projects that are consistent with national sustainable development goals, particularly projects in the energy sector. It developed national capabilities so that persons in the countries are at the project’s conclusion capable of analysing the technical and financial merits of projects and negotiating possible finance agreements with Annex 1 countries or investors.

The project aimed at 1) generating in participating developing countries a broad understanding of the opportunities offered by the Clean Development Mechanism, and 2) developing the necessary institutional and human capabilities that allows them to formulate and implement projects under the CDM.

During Phase I of the CD4CDM project, capacity and project development activities were completed in the following countries:

North Africa: Egypt and Morocco.
Latin America: Ecuador, Guatemala and Bolivia.
Sub-Saharan Africa: Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mozambique and Uganda.
Asia: Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam.

Phase II of the CD4CDM project (2006 to 2009) implemenedt project activities in the following countries:

North Africa: Algeria.
Latin America: Peru, Nicaragua and Suriname.
Sub-Saharan Africa: Mauritius and Tanzania.
Asia: Bangladesh.

CDM background

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