First national workshop
November 2005


  DAY 1
Module 1: Introduction and recap
8h30 Introduction to contents and aim of the workshop series (Kite/SSN)
Climate Change, UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol
Modalities and Procedures of the CDM
CDM Institutions
CDM Project cycle (SSN)
PIN preparation (EF)
Module 2: Project appraisal
Elements of the project appraisal (SSN)
Exercise 1 criteria for project selection (SSN)
Module 3: Elements of the CDM project

Exercise 2 - project selection (hypothetical case study) (SSN)

Project size small scale projects Modalities and Procedures

Project boundaries

Project baselines and additionality

Public participation

Project architecture

Internal and external architectures

Gold standard projects
Module 4: Sustainable Development and the DNA approval

Status of the CDM in Ghana / First National Communication / DNA in Ghana (CFP)

The DNA approval process (CFP/SR)
Read and discuss the matrix (SSN)
Exercise 3: rate 2 landfill projects
Introduction to project concept identification and description
Presentation of accepted small scale PDD from UNFCCC website (Kite)
Overnight Exercise 4: List project concepts in Ghana (all)
  DAY 2
Module 5: Real Ghana project appraisal
8h30 Exercise 5: Present and discuss concepts (all)

Prefeasibility tests of concepts

Introduce Technical and Financial Risk (ST)
Module 6: PINs
13h30 Project identification notes how to structure them including (including eligibility, baselines and Additionality (SSN)
Project activities from SSN experience (SSN)
Exercise 6: Prepare draft PINs (SSN)
Introduction to Project Design Document
Towards workshop 2
16h00 Contents of workshop 2
- PIN and PDD preparation (How to fill each section)
- Common pitfalls
- Baseline methodologies examples of baseline methodology relevant to national circumstances
- CDM project financing
- Approaches to investment analysis
- Benchmarks
- Sensitivity analysis for CERs impact on project economics
- Status of global carbon market
- Types of emission reduction purchase programs/agreements
Preparation for workshop 2
Way forward
Closing (KITE/SSN)