22-23 September 2008
La Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles Port Louis

Agenda  List of participants


23 September


09:30 Welcome Address by Director of Environment DNA
09:35 Address by Permanent Secretary MOE
09:40 Address & Overview of the importance of CDM to the Sustainable Development of Mauritius Glenn Hodes, URC
10:00 Address & Official Launching of CDM Website by
Hon. L. Bundhoo, Minister of Environment & NDU
10:35 Outcomes of the First and Second National Workshop DNA
10:45 Contextualisation of the Third National Workshop URC
11:00 Present State and Trends of the Carbon Market Glenn Hodes, URC
11:30 Mauritius DNA: procedures, evaluation criteria,
and legislation/institutional structure
Stefan Raubenheimer, SSN
12:00 Discussion  
13:30 Outcomes of the Mauritius CDM Scoping Study UNDP
14:00 Update on UNDP Regional CDM Capacity Building Programme UNDP
14:45 Presentation of PINs & Project Proposals  
  (1) Mini-Hydro and Wind Farm Projects Mr Sanjay Sookhraz, CEB
  (2) Compact Fluorescent Lamps Project Mr Brian Parry, Climate Care
  (3) Landfill Gas to Energy Project Mr Chris Nairac, Ecosecurities
15:45 Discussion on PINs  



23 September


09:00 Validation and verification procedures:
What do the carbon auditors check?
Randall Spalding-Fecher, ECON
09:45 Discussion  
10:00 Marketing of CERs and contractual issues Glenn Hodes, URC
10:50 ERPA Training Simulation Stefan Raubenheimer, SSN
11:45 Financing CDM projects Randall Spalding-Fecher, ECON & Stefan Raubenheimer, SSN
13:30 Group discussion: validation, legal, and financing for PINs Facilitated by Randall Spalding-Fecher, ECON
14:30 Small working groups on project development identifying the way forward URC, ECON, SSN
& DNA Mauritius
15:30 Concluding remarks and way forward
15:45 Closing of National Workshop