Government of the Netherlands - Government of Tanzania - UNEP Risoe Center
Special CDM Capacity Building Workshop and Executive Briefing

21-22 January 2008
Dar es Salaam International Conference Center, Tanzania


Agenda   List of participants


21 January

Plenary Session and Executive Briefing


08:00 Registration  

Opening session

  Opening remarks HMA Karel van Kesteren
Embassy of Netherlands
  Introduction Mark Buiting
Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO)
Introductory remarks Glenn Hodes, UNEP Risoe Centre
Official Opening remarks Ruth Mollel, Permanent Secretary,

Ministry of Environment, Tanzania

10:45 CDM business opportunities for Tanzania  
  Introduction to the CDM: An Executive Briefing Lex De Jonge
Ministry of Environment of the Netherlands Member, CDM Executive Board (CDM-EB)
Introduction to the Tanzanian
Designated National Authority (DNA) for CDM
Richard Muyungi
Tanzanian DNA
Business and investment opportunities for Tanzania John Mathew Mnali, MD-TIC

Tharsis M. Hyera, EPMS

CDM opportunities and challenges for Tanzania:
A Non-Governmental Perspective
Hubert Meena, CEEST Foundation
13:30 General introduction to
Real CDM Project Case Studies in Tanzania
Chair: Mr. Mike Nshangeki, Managing Director, EPMS
  The Mtoni landfill gas CDM project Mtoni representative
Introduction of the MEP and VLPP projects Peter Gathercole and Shauna Mason
The Artumas MEP project from a CDM Perspective James Wakaba, ESD/CAMCO
(CDM) Project Financing in Africa Mark Buiting, FMO
15:45 CDM project requirements from Tanzanian perspective Chair: Mr. Mike Nshangeki, Managing Director, EPMS
  Group Session 1
Artumas MEP project
Facilitated by Artumas
Group Session 2
Kitani Sisal Biogas Project
Facilitated by EPMS and Kitani
17:30 Summary, lessons learned, introduction / preview 2nd day programme  



22 January

Technical Session


08:00 Registration  
08:45 CDM in practice Chair: SenterNovem
  Legal/Contractual issues for CDM projects
Executive Board, DNA, LoA, DOEs
Eligibility, LOIs and ERPAs

Registering/Issueing/transfer, CER ownership, risk management in contracts

Glenn Hodes
UNEP Risoe Centre

Lex de Jonge

Carbon Markets & CER pricing

Structure of the carbon markets

Pricing emission reductions: CERs vs. VERs, EUAs, AAUs

What is a fair price? Reference price?

Bottom-up, top-down, benchmark

Rose Mero, EPMS

Baseline issues: Methodology & Baseline calculation, illustrated with the MEP and VLPP projects

-Methodology to be applied: small scale / large scale

-Description of the sources and gases included in the project boundary

-Duration of the project activity / crediting period to used,

-Emission calculation: baseline, project, leakage, sensitivity

James Wakaba ESD/CAMCO
13:30 Additionality: What does it mean and how to prove it? Facilitator: ESD/CAMCO

Additionality issues

-Tools for additionality; Financial additionality; investment analysis; barrier analysis

-Description of how most plausible baseline scenario has been identified for MEP and VLPP; explanation/justification of the key assumptions and rationales

-Explanation of how and why a project is additional

James Wakaba ESD/CAMCO and Lex de Jonge, VRO
16:30 Summary, lessons learned Johan Havinga
Senter Novem A